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Penny Stock BrokersThere are many ways to invest in the stock market.  Generally when someone thinks of the stock market they conjure an image of investing in large companies with big prices.  These companies can either be completely safe, without fluctuation to their prices, or can pose a high risk when the stock in vulnerable.  One of the most overlooked sectors of Wall Street are the micro cap and small cap companies.  The stock sold by these companies are generally called penny stocks.  Traditional brokers generally overlook and don't buy penny stocks for various reasons.  This is not to say penny stock trade is particularly risky, it's just that they are more interested in larger companies.  The truth is that the best penny stocks have the potential for enormous gain for investors the get in early.

Penny Trader Online specializes in the penny stock market.  We believe that small cap and micro cap companies are responsible for a great deal of entrepreneurship in this country and should be given a chance of succeeding.  Because they are nimble enough and small enough to not get caught up in long term spending that can keep their stock on hold for a long period of time.  Because micro cap and small cap companies have a high potential for fluctuation we want to remind our members that they must be diligent about their money.  Unfortunately there are some non credible companies if not outright scams in this sector of the stock market.  Scammers in the market use penny stocks as a 'pump and dump' medium by providing manipulative information.  We do our best to find them out and alert our members right away.

Our Members Receive

Exclusive recommendations on small cap and micro cap investments the we feel have the greatest potential for gains in the short and long term.

  • Detailed reports from our business analyst team based on extensive research
  • Advanced notice on the best opportunities before anyone else
  • Instant updates the moment we decide there is new information you need to know

Our extensive research and information is available to our members only.  As an independent investor we understand you can't track the market at all times and therefore can't be privy to the subtle and large moves the market can make from minute to minute.  We remind our customers that trading is an extremely risky business and that they should only proceed if they are willing to make that risk.  While we can assure our members that our research is sound and grounded in stock trading experience, we urge all independent traders to be responsible for doing further research into the companies they are investing in, without taking an active role into where you put your money, you are at a greater risk for taking heavy losses.

That being said, a responsible and diligent investor who buys the best penny stocks can make a small fortune.  When a small or micro cap company goes public their stock can start as low as only a fraction of a cent.  Over time, often a comparably short period, they can jump to upwards of $20 a share.  Many recognizable companies that are today large corporations started as penny stocks many years ago.  The potential for profit is great when you buy penny stocks, and the risk is comparably low.  Almost anyone can afford to invest in penny stocks, trade with our information and we will help you multiply your initial investments.